Binary Options Demo Tutorial

Here is a Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to setup and start trading with a DEMO Account

You are now at the stage where you need an MT4 (metatrader 4) account in order to set up our binary options signals indicators. And you don`t have one, or you never heard about it before.

Well, here is the simple explanation on how to get yourself a DEMO metatrader 4 account:

  • Step 1

    Go to

  • Step 2

    Click the RED button that says “Open a DEMO account”

    Binary Options Demo Step2

  • Step 3

    Fill in your details. What you see in the picture are my details, real ones. Don`t use those.

    Binary Options Demo step3

    Make sure you remember the password you use here, or write it down somewhere! This account will be attached to your indicators, better not lose it 😊

    Note: MT4 must be selected in that field, not MT5. Leverage 1:1, and Amount: as high as possible.

    Note 2: You will NOT be trading from this account. This is for the indicators ONLY.

  • Step 4

    Click the big green button that says OPEN A DEMO ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page.

    You should now see this:

    Binary Options Demo Step4

    Follow the steps you see on that screen !

  • Step 5

    While doing Step 2 ( After email confirmation) this screen will appear:

    Binary Options Demo Account
    Make sure you select MetaTrader4, and depending on what you are using, PC or Mac, you have the options listed at the bottom of the screen.
    After selection, click DOWNLOAD, Save, and RUN.

  • Step 6

    Agree to the Terms and Conditions, Click NEXT

    Binary Options Demo Account Terms

  • Step 7

    When it finishes installing, it will open automatically and start scanning for servers. Select a DEMO server with the least amount of ping miliseconds.

    Binary Options Demo Acc

  • Step 8

    You should be seeing this now:

    Binary Options Demo step 8

    Now, we need the login details. Remember the password you entered in step 3 ? Use it here.

  • Step 9

    For the LOGIN, you will need the number that has sent to your email. See the picture below:

    Binary Options demo step9

    Don’t use mine, ok ?

  • Step 10

    Click FINISH.

    You will hear a PING sound, a nice lady announcing you have an email.

    binary options demo account final step

    Congratulations ! You are now the official owner of a metatrader 4 demo account that will never expire !
    Remember that LOGIN number ?
    Send it to me via Skype, or email, or website chat. I will use it to get you the licenses for the indicators.
    That`s it folks, happy trading !

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